Together we can make a difference

Distribution partners

We establish local partnerships to reach our end-clients to create a unique and effective distribution model based on existing infrastructure.

Financial institutions - micro finance institutions, saving & credit cooperatives and credit unions

  • MBK Ventura

  • Koperasi

  • Moluccas

NGO’s - capacity programs related to energy, water or education

  • AMAN

  • Stichting Titane

Our own Ivy Representative network of local entrepreneurs

  • Revi

  • Syahidah

  • Safriansah

  • Yarn

  • Lely

  • Vera

National and local government -community centers or production cooperatives

  • Moluccas

Technology partners

  • WakaWaka

  • Basic Water

  • African Clean Energy

  • DSM

Kind partners


  • Karin Janssen Design

Research partners

  • University of

  • University of

  • University of

  • First Solar