Our story

Ivy embodies our personal beliefs in the potential of entrepreneurship, women, technology and nature. We believe that the combination of these four elements can change the lives of women.

We believe in

Potential of women

We believe in the potential of women. Investing in women is investing in the future of their family and community.


We believe that entrepreneurship is the way to create economic independence and to build a sustainable future for women and their families.

High-impact technology

We believe that renewable technology can simplify life and should be accessible and affordable for everybody.

Renewable natural resources

We believe in using renewable natural resources to serve the basic needs. Available technologies convert natural resources into a free provider of reliable and healthy energy. We believe in creating awareness about using natural resources to serve the needs of the households at the bottom of the pyramid.

Women in emerging economies still spend hours per day getting access to basic needs and spend up to 75% of their 2 dollar a day income on water, and energy. We believe this is simply not necessary.

With 15 years of working experience in finance and consulting we have chosen to switch careers to pursue our passion. We now use our know-how and energy for the benefit of women and their families in remote areas.

We are on a mission to make life easier, more affordable and healthier for women and their families in remote areas by giving them access to high-impact technologies.