Our Services



We make high-impact technologies affordable for our clients through fair products loans. We reach our clients together with local partners and our own Ivy representative network.


Based on local needs we select high-impact technologies that convert renewable natural resources into freew providers of reliable safe energy and water. We treat iur clients as we treat our family.


We build Ivy Green Labs to train, inspire and embed the high-impact technologies in the daily lives of our clients.


Ivy's target clients are women at the bottom of the pyramid living in remote communities. It has been proven that women play an important role in their family and community: they are the main strongholds of the family. Women have proven that additional income earned will be invested in their children or even in their communities. Althoug we have a specific focus on female clients, we do not exclude male clients.

Our Business Model

Ivy has a sustainable business model from an ecological, financial and business perspective: a purpose for-profit model. We strive for profit but always in perspective to our social mission. Everyone in the distribution chain earns a modest return. The returns are transparent for everybody operating in the chain. Ivy’s business model is based on a revolving principle. Every euro inve¬sted will be directly reinvested after the product loan has been repaid. This means that on average one euro invested will have an impact on three new clients in one year time.

Ivy follows a customer intimacy strategy to be as close to the end users as possible to translate needs into adjusted services and high client satisfaction rates. At the same time, we will operate independently to avoid a product push, always with the client’s interest in mind. In the first years we focus on one market, Indonesia, to prove the viability of our business model. At the same time we are intensely ambitious to roll out further to other developing countries like Burundi and the Philippines, to give all women access to the Ivy technologies.

B Corporation Certified

B Corporation certified companies (bcorporation.net) believe that the power of business can be used to solve social and environmental problems. We believe that taking part in this movement is essential for Ivy’s differentiation, reputation and network. With one of the highest B Corps scores with 128 out of 200 points, we endorse our social mission. This drives us every year to achieve higher standards of transparency, accountability, performance, quality of jobs and added value to the communities we’re working in.