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Ivy partners with Prime cookstoves Indonesia

Tuesday August 1st

Prime clients   Our clients are number 1 priority! Therefore we continuously conduct market studies to spot the newest low cost high quality technologies, but for most listen to our client's needs. We're happy too share our new partnership with Prime Cook Stoves! We noticed a high demand for cookstoves on Java, especially in the central Java area. Women in these areas are currently cooking on wood or gas. Daily they fear gas explosions within their vulnerable often wooden houses, next to respiration problems due the smoke inhalation from traditional wood cooking. The Cook Stove Indonesia program from the Worldbank connected us with Prime cookstoves. A Norwegian owned company but operational and a production site in Indonesia. Please contact us directly for or use their website:

IVY @ Keling Kumang annual meeting

Saturday February 13th

Our partner Keling Kumang is a credit Union serving more than 150.000 members in West Kalimantan. During their annual meeting Ivy was presented as their new partner. We are happy and excited to work together to give all their members access to our life-changing technologies.

IVY @ ABN AMRO social pitch day

Tuesday February 9th

10 social business were invited to pitch at the opening of the annual ABN AMRO tennis tournament in Ahoy Rotterdam and Ivy was one of them. More than 400 potential investors in the room, 5 minutes pitch time and 5 minutes Q&A's. 10 minutes to tell everyone about Ivy's why, how and what. And with success... Ivy was the winner of the second best pitch in the house. Thanks everyone for your great feedback. It still gives us energy and a smile everytime we share our story.

A first blog from the Ivy Foundation

Friday February 5th

How to become the best Ivy Foundation?   That was our question when we started in September 2015. Angelique and Eveline started Ivy in 2013 and since 2015 they actually made their first sales in Indonesia. Now they are on a mission to increase volumes and make real impact on the 50mio people in Indonesia that can hardly afford the most basic needs of living [water, light, cooking fuel]. For us it was sometimes a puzzle how to add value as Foundation members. We discussed strategy and Ivy’s operational challenges, yet still we wanted to understand more how to empower business development. In November we decided to organize a trip to Indonesia to learn more about the market, the key-partners and meet the local Ivy Team. Last week we visited Indonesia – we did it all – we watched, we joined, we had fun and we learned a lot. The answer to -How to become the best Foundation?- is to join the founders on a fieldtrip.   What did we do? We started in Jakarta with some great meetings. We had a meeting with Manidiri Bank to discuss opportunities for Ivy on online payment systems for our customers. We will follow up this meeting and try to set up a pilot later this year to try out their new E-Cash system. We met with Reza – a serial entrepreneur – who informed us about the FinTech landscape of Indonesia and discussed the challenged Ivy will be facing in the future. Reza was so kind to take us along a reception at the Dutch Embassy where we met with the new Indonesian Ambassador for The Netherlands. Next day – after a quick breakfast meeting with the Technical Partner of Mandiri Bank – we travelled to Malang to meet the Ivy Team. For the next few days the Ivy Team presented themselves, we discussed the operational challenges and set the sales targets for 2016. We (Michiel and myself) got the opportunity to join in by sharing our knowledge about sales, customer discovery, and time management. Three words where crucial in the training Why, What and How – or as they say over there: Mengapa? Apa? And Bagaima?   They took us for a field trip to Kepanjen to meet a local Ivy Rep and experience a demoday for potential customers. To meet real Ivy Customers and experience the hospitality of locals made a real impact on us.   The Ivy Team worked hard – almost day and night – where we as Board Members took a little time to explore Malang and local customs. It was a great, yet an intensive week, closing of with a lovely dinner and a visit to the local Karaoke Hotel.   Last day we spend with Eveline and Angelique in Surabaya – where we all worked on a new pitch of the ladies. Only hours after we landed back in the Netherlands, the ladies where invited on the ABNAMRO stage to pitch for 350 informal investors.   What did we learn? Spending a week with the Ivy Team in Indonesia was the best thing for us to do. We stepped in with an open mind, validated our assumptions and where pleasantly surprised on what we discovered.   So, suddenly it was very easy to help the ladies with their pitch – the Why? of Ivy is truly social and important. The facts and metrics show there is a market. Meeting the team and getting local feedback shows the market is also ready for Ivy Products.   We know now better than before what we can do to empower Ivy and how to start up the BusDev projects. We are looking forward to start up the Mandiri connection and turn Ivy into a true FinTech company. Looking forward on keeping you informed about Ivy’s progress!   Karolin Kruiskamp - Chairman of Ivy Foundation [PS the ladies did great – they got 2nd on the pitching competition – with lots of requests to invest]  

Training Ivy Reps on Java

Wednesday December 2nd

Training Ivy Representatives on Java about how renewable natural resources can be used to serve the basic needs in their communities.

Rain season has started again

Bogor Monday November 30th

Heavy rains have started again in Indonesia. Floodings make it increasingly difficult to reach our clients in remote rural areas. Deasy and Fitri, our West-Java team, are on the road to train clients in Tangerang.

Field research on Seram

Thursday September 10th

Tom Raster, a student of the University of Groningen, is in the Moluccas for two months to start the preparations for the a research on the different islands in Easter Indonesia. He has gathered a team of University Pattimura to explore the market on Seram. Great Work Tom!

Company meeting on the Moluccas

Maluku Sunday August 30th

In November 2013 we started with the two of us, and now two years later we are with a team of more than 10! Time for reflection and celebration with the entire team on the Moluccas. During these four days we cooked on our biomass cookstoves to experience the technologies ourselves, we deepened our strategy and processes, and most important we learned from each other in a fun way. We are proud to present to you Ivy's team in Indonesia. Some of us are ex-bankers, salesmen or business developers, but we all have in common to help the low-income people in Indonesia change their lives with technology

Ivy is a founding class B-corp partner

Amsterdam Tuesday April 21st

B Corp was officially launched in Europe and Ivy is part of the European founding class. B Corp certified companies believe that the power of business can be used to solve social and environmental problems. We believe that taking part in this movement is essential for Ivy’s differentiation, reputation and network. With one of the highest B Corps scores with 128 out of 200 points, we endorse our social mission. We were inspired by all the B talks, workshops, and presentations from the other B Corps and hope that many more companies will join this movement.

Safriansah our Ivy Rep of the month

North Kalimantan Sunday April 12th

We are proud to present you to Safriansyah, our Ivy Representative of the month. He gave 105 families in Bulungan, North Kalimantan, acces to safe and affordable drinking water and light. Keep up the good work!