Creating understanding on how renewable natural resources and technologies can change lives

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Philosophy and mission

Ivy is a Dutch foundation established in March 2014. Ivy Foundation is active in Indonesia with the ambition to operate worldwide.


Poor women in emerging economies still face many problems in life: We believe that investing in women is investing in the future of their family and community. We focus on empowering women through:

  • Entrepreneurship; the way to create economic independence and to build a sustainable future
  • Technologies; simplify life and should be accessible and affordable for everybody.
  • Renewable natural resources; convert natural resources into a free provider of reliable and safe energy to serves the needs of the households at the bottom of the pyramid.


The foundation aims to create understanding on how renewable natural resources and technologies can serve the basic needs of women in remote areas and empower their lives. We want to empower 10 million women and their families in Indonesia before 2030. Our goal in the first 6 years is to reach 600,000 women and their families.


Our vision is: ‘Go green and save money’’ by using and promoting renewable natural resources and technologies that can serve women’s basic needs. This will make life easier, more affordable and healthier, which in turn will give access to better healthcare, education, a higher life expectancy, and a lower percentage of people living below the poverty level or on very small incomes.

Activities and objectives

Ivy Foundation focuses on two core services to ensure social impact.


We continuously monitor and study the impact of Ivy’s approach on the lives of our clients. We are building an evidence based model in collaboration with universities in the Netherlands and in Indonesia. The first scientific outcomes confirm our approach: our target group can only access life-changing technologies when paid on credit rather than in cash.

In 2016 we will work on 2 research projects. Besides, we will continuously work on new partnerships with universities and we’re always open for intern applications.

  • Introduction of AKVO ( the development of an impact measurement research tool
  • Impact study MBK West Java 2016: perform a field end-line study to measure impact of the usage of Ivy's technologies after 1 year (in collaboration with the University of Groningen and Indonesia)


Based on our research findings we introduce new technologies in the field and learn from the feedback from our clients. And we explore new ways to improve our business approach such as e-solutions and local assembly.

We have listed 5 innovation projects for 2016.

  • E-cash pilot in collaboration with one of Indonesia's largest banks
  • Introduction of a Solar Home System product
  • Collaboration with the Worldbank Clean Cook Stoves Initiative to introduce and distribute two types of cook stoves
  • Carbon credit certification on the reduction of our total tons of CO2 reduction
  • Pilot assembly for local production of our water filters

One of our projects highlighted

Willingness to Pay and Impact Studies in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia

In collaboration with Microfinance Institution MBK Ventura, the University of Groningen and the University of Indonesia we have conducted research in 2015.

The intervention introduced two technologies – a durable solar lamp/power bank and a water filter – to certain members of MBK in two cities of the metropolitan Jakarta.



2 MBK branches (96 centers) in Tangerang and 2 MBK branches in Bogor (96 centers) participated in the research. Members of these branches received the opportunity to purchase a solar lamp and/or a water filter. 2.142 members in Tangerang were offered to participate in a willingness-to-pay-auction to determine what price they are willing to pay for the products after a product demonstration.

In Bogor 2.281 clients received a product demonstration only with an instant buying option.

Propelled by evidence of cost-saving and health benefits achieved by the mentioned products in other locations, this study sets out to measure the impact of the mentioned products amongst the product buyers relative to the a control group of MBK clients without one or any of the products. Two branches in Tangerang where selected to be followed up on impact criteria, while in Bogor different prices were used to elicit client’s willingness to pay in a take-it-or-leave-it fashion.

Addressing self-selection biases, for Tangerang a willingness-to-pay auction was set to precede the impact surveying to determine who would receive the treatment and who would not, i.e. become a control group member. Hypothesizing that certain client characteristics, such as income, back up willingness-to-pay (WTP), clients were surveyed at the auction for the most forthright WTP criteria in a survey titled WTP-survey. A second survey took place which contributed to more characteristics and captured impact-related factors and was, therefore, called Impact-survey. The Impact-survey was conducted for of a randomly selected subset of members of each group that itself contains shares of winners and losers that are representative for the respective center.

Report with research outcome is available upon request.


Passionate people behind Ivy Foundation add value to our mission. Ivy Foundation has a separate independent supervisory board. All board positions are unpaid. The board consists of:

- Karolin Kruiskamp (Chairman). Karolin is a tech believer with years of experience in coaching start-ups. She stands for: co-creating solutions and run lean implementations.

- Michiel Zonnevijlle (secretary/treasurer). Michiel has years of experience in customer strategy and service design. He brings creativity, pragmatism and solutions by connecting the unexpected.

Relation with Ivy Company BV.

There is a strong connection between Ivy Foundation and Ivy Company. They share the same mission. In our day to day operations we join forces to make high-impact technologies affordable and accessible in remote areas. The Foundation specifically focuses on scientific research and innovation. Besides collaboration with Dutch and local universities to perform impact and encouragement studies,  we create a ‘lab’ situation where we pilot new technologies in the field . After a succesfull pilot phase, we are ready to introduce and distribute the techologies to a larger user group through Ivy Company B.V.

Research partners

  • University of Indonesia

  • University of Groningen

  • University of Wageningen

  • First Solar

Board Ivy Foundation

  • Karolin Kruiskamp

    Chairman of the Board of Ivy Foundation

  • Michiel Zonnevijlle

    Secretary/ Treasurer of the Board Ivy Foundation

  • Emilie Bender-Terwiel

    Board member Ivy Foundation

Get involved

By joining Ivy, you can help us to achieve our social mission. You can join in different ways.

  • Ivy ambassador: Volunteer in the Netherlands or Indonesia to support Ivy in your field of experience
  • Create an Ivy campaign: Every donation, small or large, will help us to reach more women in Indonesia. Birthday, wedding or graduation gifts can be donated (cash equivalent) to give women and their families access to life-changing technologies.
  • Request a speaker: We are able to attend an event/workshop/seminar if you submit a request to Ivy
  • Help us to give women and their families access to life-changing technologies.
  • Help us to increase the understanding that these technologies can convert free available renewable natural resources into safe and reliable drinking water and energy!
  • Your individual contribution makes all the difference.
  • 100% of every euro you donate goes directly to women and their families in the remote areas of Indonesia.

Ivy Foundation is a non-profit organization depending entirely on donations and partnerships with companies and NGOs.

We need your help to fulfill Ivy’s mission!

Organisational details

Ivy Foundation

Adress: Stichting Ivy
at Smakkelaarsveld 95
3511 EB in Utrecht- The Netherlands

Bank details ING bank:

IBAN: NL32 INGB 0006 4809 84

Registration number Chamber of Commerce: 60227729

RSIN number: 853818320



Annual reports

Below you can find our annual reports

  • Annual report 2015

Click here for our annual report 2015

Contact us

  • Karolin Kruiskamp (chair): +31 6 37453508
  • Michiel Zonnevijlle (treasurer): +31 6 46993230
  • Or write us at: